Castlemilk Moorit meat

Castlemilk Moorit meat is very lean with a fine grained texture. It is a wholly different gastronomic experience when compared to your average pub roast lamb. Modern commercial sheep breeds produce rapid weight gaining lambs that are often fatty and devoid of flavour. Not so the Castlemilk. Our lambs spend at least a year to eighteen months slowly maturing on the fell. They gain their weight and muscle mass progressively. Their is absolutely no substitute for the time and environment that the animal enjoys. It results in a high quality and superbly flavoured meat. The flavour has a more gamey quality to it than you may be accustomed to, but it is a quality that the vast majority of people delight in.

Lamb, Hogget or Mutton?

Technically a lamb is a young sheep not more than a year old. A hogget is a british term for a yearling sheep that has not yet cut its second teeth. A yearling sheep being a sheep between one and two years of age. Finally, mutton is a term for meat that comes from an older sheep. So what’s all this got to do with me?  The answer is simple…..Flavour!

The longer a sheep has to mature on the fell, the deeper and richer the flavour will be. In our Grandparents day, mutton was a staple for many British households. One of the reasons for this was the speed it took for a lamb to put on weight. The modern commercial breeds were not as prevalent, consequently it took longer for a traditional breed to reach a table weight. The costs were greater to the farmer, but the quality of the meat was vastly superior to the modern offerings on today’s shelves. Hogget was common place and so was mutton. The Prince of Wales has been a standard bearer for the exceptional flavour that is found in mutton. We can supply Castlemilk Moorit meat at any age point that you require and can guide you through the decision making process.

Castlemilk Moorit meat

We supply entire animals to order. Your animal will be sympathetically, calmly and ethically handled throughout the abattoire and butchery process. The meat will then be hung, jointed and boxed ready for collection directly from the butchers. The importance we place in keeping the animal in a calm and stress free environment prior to slaughter cannot be over emphasised. We do this for two reasons, firstly and most importantly, because we care absolutely about the welfare of our sheep. We have tended to them throughout their lives and it is imperative to us that the end of that journey should be as gentle and ethical as possible. Secondly, it minimises the release of adrenaline and stress chemicals which can dramatically effect the quality of the meat.

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