Foxbank Farm and Castlemilk Moorit Faq

A91C78AB-7F79-4212-BD86-1529E93CDCD0Can we visit the farm?

Although we are not open to the public as a visitor attraction, we are really keen to raise the profile of our magnificent breed. So if you want to come and meet the sheep, please get in touch and we will do all we can to make it happen.

Where do I get my meat from?

Firstly, you will place your order directly with ourselves and make payment. Your order will then be processed and the meat will be prepared for your collection directly at one of a number of local butcheries in the Cheshire area.

Can you send me my meat?

At present, we do not offer this service. We are extremely careful to maintain direct control over the entire production chain from the field to the customer. Regrettably we do not have adequate confidence in any third party delivery company to guarantee the integrity, freshness and safety of our product.

Can I have a sample of raw wool?

Absolutely! Just let us have your details and we will send you a small sample so you can decide if it is appropriate for your spinning needs.

Do Castlemilk Sheep make good pets?

Not really. They are absolutely adorable and have a wonderful temperament, but let’s not forget, they are sheep and are happiest when they are out on the fell with their brothers and sisters.