Castlemilk Moorit Wool and Carded Fibre.

Foxbank Farm are proud to produce a range of double knit wool and carded fibre products. We send away a proportion of our sheared wool to be processed into four knitting products and one carded product.

Firstly, we produce a 100% pure Castlemilk Moorit 50 gramme balled wool. This is in its natural colour and knits into a beautiful end product.

Secondly, we produce two further 100% pure Castlemilk Moorit 50 gramme balled wool products, but this time dyed to either a Forest Green or Purple Plum colour. Both colours compliment the natural hue of the fibre.

Thirdly, for those looking for that more luxurious and lustrous feel, may we recommend our highly acclaimed 80% Castlemilk Moorit/20% Tussah Silk blend. This really is something rather special. It is a worsted spun fibre, which is a more complex and expensive process that involves combing the fibres to align them prior to spinning. It also removes the shorter fibres, leaving only the predominantly long fibres in a parallel alignment. The end result is a denser yarn with a beautiful handle and a notable shine. This is particularly suited to high quality fitted knitted garments that require the fabric to follow the contour of the wearer.

Finally, for those who wish to hand spin or perhaps felt for themselves, then our carded and scoured fibre is just the ticket! We produce a ready to use product that is ideal for the spinner or felter who doesn’t wish to go through the process of cleaning and preparing a raw fleece prior to use. This can be a mucky job, so why not let us take care of the difficult bit and let you crack on with producing beautiful spun and felted products!

100% Pure Castlemilk woollen spun 50gm ball – natural – £7-00

100% Pure Castlemilk woollen spun 50gm ball – Purple Plum – £8-00

100% Pure Castlemilk woollen spun 50gm ball – Forest Green – £8-00

80% Castlemilk/20% Tussah Silk worsted spun 50gm ball – natural – £10-00

Scoured and Carded Fibre – natural – £5-00/100 grammes


100% castlemilk moorit fibre purple plumb