Castlemilk Moorit fleeces

Complete Fleece freshly Sheared

Raw Castlemilk Moorit Fleece

IMG_6324We almost always have an availability of high quality Castlemilk Moorit fleeces for sale. The fleeces are raw and untreated. The sheep are sheared towards the end of May, depending on the weather and the fleeces are rolled and tied straight from the field. We will always attempt to remove any obvious debris, but there will always be a certain amount of grass and seed heads which will need carding out. This is perfectly normal with any untreated fleece. We are careful not to dye mark the sheep in any prominent part of the fleece, restricting all ink markings to the back of the neck.

The Castlemilk Moorit sheep derives its name not only from the estate where it was originally bred, but also from its rich red brown ‘Moorit’ colour. Immediately after shearing, the sheep have a glorious dark chocolate brown colour which slowly bleaches as it is exposed to the sun.

IMG_0715By the time shearing has come round once more, the outer layers of the fleece have lightened to a gentle Cafe Latte colour. Part the fleece and just below the surface the rich red brown colour still resides in all its glory. The fleeces are prized by hand spinners for their wonderful colour, fine strand and kemp free quality.

Please contact us directly with your requirements. Castlemilk Moorit fleeces are priced at £10 per KG plus postage and packing.