Foxbank Farm Shop

Foxbank Farm Shop prides itself on being a by-word for quality.

We are a small, family run farm that focuses on detail and excellence rather than volume.

We decided to adopt an unfashionable philosophy towards our farming that runs against the flow of big business. We wanted to stick to doing one thing well, really well, and avoid the temptation of diversifying too widely.

Foxbank Farm is all about Castlemilk Moorit sheep, nothing else. It is a breed that is crying out for wider recognition. It has a depth of flavour that the modern commercial breeds can only dream of.

The connection between you, the consumer and ourselves as a producer is a lifeline to the long term viability of this magnificent breed. The act of choosing Castlemilk Moorit lamb, hogget or mutton over a nameless piece of supermarket meat, is a decision that gives you a far superior product and in turn protects the future of an incredibly rare British breed.

We also supply Castlemilk Moorit fleeces and Castlemilk Moorit horns to artists, crafter or garment manufacturers.

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